Effective Teamwork

Effective Teamwork

Benefits of working in team includes cohesion among staff members, timely completion of task with better efficiency, increased innovation at workplace and quick problem solving solutions.
Global Marketing Planning

Global Marketing Planning

Our company realizing value of having exporter as a strong nature of business has commenced its business operations not internally in domestic regions but even outside Taiwan on a large global platform.
Welcome To Taiwan Microdrill Co., Ltd., !!!

Your reliable partner in offering Micro Drill, Drill Bits, Spotting Drill Bits, Micro Drill Bit Set, Drill Bits, Grinding Machine, etc...

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About Us

About Us

We, Taiwan Microdrill Co., Ltd., are enjoying a knowledgeable company experience in the form of better market understanding, knowledge to tackle unexpected market risks and effective business strategy and model. Working since 1997, we have build strong position in market by completing placed bulk orders on time, maintaining quality management system and swift delivery services. We are specialized in offering a variety of tungsten carbide drill and tungsten steel tool. Our company very well knows role of a socially responsible corporate business unit in the society and to fulfill that yearly we hire both experienced and young professionals, thus contributing in generation of employment opportunities. 

Amidst fulfilling role of a socially active firm successfully, we never lag behind in giving full justice to our foremost job role of being a Manufacturer. Like a reliable partner to valued clients, we work diligently hard to provide unmatched quality Spotting Drill Bits, Micro Drill Bit Set, Spotting Drill, End Mil, Probe Card Lathe CNC Dremel Tool, Micro Drill, Drill Bits, Engraver, Router and much more. From 0.001mm to endless, we provide offerings in different sizes for several specifications. We provide customization facility, under which customers can purchase offerings in desired nick length, diameter and point of angle.
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We provide professional quality tools for all types and sizes that suit various precision industries.
Micro Mill Square End Mill
Micro Drill Bits
Engraving Drill Bits
Micro Drill- 3 Cutting Edge Drill Bits